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The Beastie Boys, the popular band back in the second half of 1900s century, consisted of three people, Michael Diamond, Adam Yanch, and Adam Horovitz with Mix Master Mike who joined later.

Adam Yanch (MCA) was one of the original founders of the Beastie Boys, and his role was to play a bass.
Michael Diamond (Mike D.) is one of the original members of the Beastie Boys, following Adam Yanch and worked there as a drummer.
Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock) was a guiterist who joined this group which caused John Berry, the original guiterist to leave the band.
Michael Schwartz Mix Master Mike (Mix Master Mike ) played as a turntablist in this band.

Some Songs:
1. Paul Revere
It sings about a fictional story of how the each members met.

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"Here's a little story I gots to tell,
about three bad brothers you know so well.
It started way back in history with Adrock, MCA and me, Mike D.

I been had a little horsey named Paul Revere.
Just me and my horsey and a quart of beer.
Ridin' cross the land, kickin' up sand.
Sheriff Posse is on my tail cuz I'm in demand.
One lonely Beastie I be,
all by myself without nobody.
The sun is beatin' down on my baseball hat.
The air is gettin' hot, the beer is gettin' flat.
Lookin' for a girl, I ran into a guy.
His name is MCA, I said "howdy", he said "hi."

He told a little story that sounded well rehearsed.
Four days on the run and that he's dying of thirst.
The brew was in my hand, and he was on my tip.
His voice was hoarse, his throat was dry, he asked me for a sip.
He said "Can I get some?"
I said "You can't get none."
I had a chance to run,
but he pulled out his shotgun.
Quick on the draw, I thought I'd be dead.
He put the gun to my head and this is what he said:
"My name is MCA, I got a license to kill.
I think you know what time it is, it's time to get ill.
So what do we have here?
And outlaw and his beer.
I run this land, you understand, I've made myself clear."
We stepped into the wind, he had a gun, I had a grin.
As if this story's over, but it's ready to begin.

"I've got the gun, you've got the brew.
You've got two choices of what you can do.
It's not a tough descision as you can see.
I can blow you away or you can ride with me."
I said, "I'll ride with you if you can get me to the border.
The Sheriff is after me for what I did to his daughter.
I did it like this, I did it like that.
I did it with the whiffle ball bat.
So I'm on the run, the cop's got my gun.
Right about now it's time to have some fun.
The King Adrock, that is my name,
and I know the fly spot where they got the champagne."
We rode for six hours then we hit the spot.
The beat was-a-bumpin' and the girlies was hot.
This dude was starin' like he knows who we are,
so we took the empty spot next to him at the bar.
MCA said "Yo, you know this kid?"
I said I didn't but I know he did.
The kid said, "Get ready, cuz this ain't funny.
My name is Mike D and I'm about to get money."
He pulled out the jammey, aimed it at the sky.
He yelled, "Stick 'em up!" And let two fly.
Hands went up and people hit the floor.
He wasted two kids that ran for the door.
"I'm Mike D and I get respect.
Your cash and your jewelery is what I expect."
MCA what with it, and he's my ace,
so I grabbed the piano player and I punched him in the face.
The piano player's out, the music stopped.
This boy had beef, and he got dropped.
Mike D grabbed the money, MCA snatched the gold.
I grabbed two girlies and a beer that's cold. "

What makes this song great is that the song is pretty much like a rhythmical story that is filled with humor and makes it fun (who doesn’t laugh when they sing the following part? My name is MCA, I got a license to kill. / I think you know what time it is, it's time to get ill).This has the actual names of each member with dialogues, which makes it the new kind of the song ever. This song is uncommon kind without many paragraphs because it is a song that is just telling a story (ex: Lookin' for a girl, I ran into a guy. His name is MCA, I said "howdy", he said "hi."). It uses the words and sentence structures that we normally use in conversation which allows the listeners to understand more (ex: We rode for six hours then we hit the spot. / The beat was-a-bumpin' and the girlies was hot./ This dude was starin' like he knows who we are,/ so we took the empty spot next to him at the bar.).

2. Sure Shot
This is a type of a song that give the listeners hopes and energy to work with something that they are struggling with. The following lyrics (chorus) is the best part for you to know about this clearly.

"You can't You won't and You don't stop
Ad Rock come and rock the sure shot"
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"You Can't, You Won't And You Don't Stop
Mike D Come On And Rock The Sure Shot

I've Got The Brand New Doo-Doo Guaranteed
Like Yoo Hoo
I'm On Like Dr John, Yea Mr Zu Zu
I'm A Newlywed, Not A Divorcee
And Everything I Do Is Funky Like Lee Dorsey
Well, It's The Taking Fo Pelham, One, Two, Three
If You Want A Doodoo Rhyme Then Come See Me
I've Got The Savoir Faire With The Unique Rhyme
I Keep It On And On, It's Never Quitting Time And
Strictly Hand Held Is The Style I Go
Never Rock The Mic With The Panty Hose
I Strap On My Ear Goggles And I'm Ready To Go
'Couse At The Boards Is The Man They Call The
Pull Up At The Function And You Know I Kojak
To All The Party People That Are On My Bozak
I've Got More Action Than My Man John Woo
And I've Got Mad Hits Like I Was Rod Crew

You Can't, You Won't And You Don't Stop
Ad Rock Come And Rock The Sure Shot

Hurricane Will Cross Fade On Your Ass And
Bust Your Ear Drums
Listen Everybody 'Couse I'm Shifting Gears I'm
Fresh Like Dougie When I Set My Specs And
On The Microphone I Come Correct
Timing Like A Clock When I'Rock The Hip Hop
Top Notch Is My Stock On The Soap Box
I´ve Got More Rhymes Than I'v Got Grey Hairs
And That's Alot Because I've Got My Share
I've Got A Hole In My Head And There's No One
To Fix It
Got To Straighten My Thoughts, I'm Thinking Too
Much Sick Shit
Everyone Just Takes and Takes, Takes, Takes,
I've Got To Step Back, I've Got To Contemplate
I'm Like Lee Perry, I'm Very
On Rock The Microphone And Then I'm Gone
I'm Like Vaughn bode, I'm a Cheech Wizard
Never Quitting, So Won't You Listen

Oh Yes Indeed, It's Fun Time
'Cause You Can't, You Won't And You Don't Stop
MCA Come And Rock The Sure Shot

I Want To Say a Little Something That's Long
The Disrespect To Women Has Got To Be Through
To All The Mothers And Sisters A And Ahe
Wives And Friends
I Want To Offer My Love And Respect To The
Well You Say I´m Twenty Something And Should
Be Slacking
But I´m Working Harder Than Ever And You Could
Call It Macking
So I´m Supposed To Sit Upon My Couch Watching My
I'm Still Iistening To Wax, I'm Not Using The CD
I'm That Kid In The Corner
All Fucked Up And I Wanna So I'm Gonna
Take A Piece Of The Pie, Why Not, I'm Not Quitting
Think I'm Gonna Change Up My Style Just To Fit In
I Keep My Underwear Up With A Piece Of Elastic
I Use A Bullshit Mic That's Made Out Of Plastic
To Send My Rhymes Out To All Nations
Like Ma Bell, I've Got The Ill Communications"

Why do you give up, just try it and try it and then make it -- this is the message from the Beastie Boys through the song: they sang this song to tell us to do our best with everything and never give up. This song makes itself rare by featuring flute as a musical instrument, although this is a rap song. Probably the interesting and funny cover flow inspired people which caused it to become even popular, this is my personal opinion. The words make it easy to understand this song as they did in Paul Revere (ieI´ve Got More Rhymes Than I'v Got Grey Hairs/ And That's Alot Because I've Got My Share/ I've Got A Hole In My Head And There's No One/To Fix It/ Got To Straighten My Thoughts,/ I'm Thinking Too Much Sick Shit).

3. Shadrach
It was the last single that was realeased from the Beastie Boys.

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"Riddle me this brother can you handle it
Your style to my style you can't hold a candle to it
Equinox symmetry and the balance is right
Smokin' and drinkin' on a Tuesday night
It's not how you play the game it's how you win it
I cheat and steal and sin and I'm a cynic
For those about to rock we salute you
The dirty thoughts for dirty minds we contribute to
I once was lost but now I'm found
The music washes over and you're one with the sound
Who shall inherit the earth the meek shall
I think I'm starting to peak now Al
From S.S. Decontrol and the man upstairs I hope that he cares
If I had a penny for my thoughts I'd be a millionaire
We're just 3 M.C.'s and we're on the go
Only 24 hours in a day
Only 12 notes a man can play
Music for all and not just one people
And now we're gonna bust with the Putney Swope sequel
More Adidas sneakers that a plumber got pliers
Got more suites that Jacoby & Meyers
If not for my vices my bugged out desires
My year would be good just like Goodyear's tires
So I'm out pickin' pockets at the Atlantic Antic
And nobody wants to hear you cause your rhymes are so frantic
I mix business with pleasure way too much
I mean wine and women and song and such
I don't get blue I gotta mean red streak
You don't pay the band your friends and that's weak
Get even like Steven like pulling a Rambo
Steal from the rich and I'm out robbing banks
Give to the poor and I always give thanks
Got more stories that J.D. Salinger
I hold the title and you are the challenger
I've got money like Charles Dickens
Got the girlies in the Couple like the Colonel's got the chickens
Always go out dapper like Harry S. Truman
I'm madder than Mad's Alfred E. Newman
*Never gonna let them say that I don't love you*
My noggin is hoggin all kinds of thoughts
Adam Yoggin is Yauch and he's rockin of course
Smoke the holy chalice got my own religion
Rally round the stage and check the funky dope musicians
Jerry Lee Swaggert or Jerry Lee Falwell
You love Mario Andretti cause he always drives his car well
Vicious circle of reality since the day you were born
And we love the hot butter on what the popcorn
Sippin on wine and mackin
Rockin on the stage with all the hands clappin
Ride the wave of fate it don't ride me
*Being very proud to be an M.C.*
And the man upstairs I hope that he cares
If I had a penny for my thoughts I'd be a millionaire
Amps and crossovers under my rear hood
The bass is bumpin from the back of my Fleetwood Brougham D'Elegance
They tell us what to do hell no"
This song covers and refers to the many songs from other songs by other artists. It refers to the stories of Shadrach in the Bible. As the Beastie Boys sang the song "Paul Revere," this song just goes on without anything such as "chorus" "verses" and many others. This is the way song goes, and that makes its beauty. This song is very catchy, and if you listen to this song, it will stuck in your head for a while.

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