This hard rock AC/DC like band started at age 15 as a soon top hit rock band. Black Ice band maembers includes guitarist "G-Cat", he is known for his long, hard and fast solos. His longest solo is in the song "Shes Gonna Get Wat She Wants". Along with G-Cat we have an amazing guitarist and lead singer Bruce Paige and is known for his loud and rythmic tones. Bruce or aka "The Man" writes the music and lyrics for the band. Chaz Micheal Micheals is the bands outstanding drummer and produced his own solos. Chaz is also known for his crazy outfits and rambunctious attitude. The band started up as garage band and met up by other musicians friends. They all droped out of school, focused more on rock and traveled the country doing tours for small crowds. They got their first record deal at one of their bigger gigs when a record label sponsered the concert and saw them preform. After their first big record the had some other small ones but then Bruce wrote Black Ice's most famous song "Shes Gonna Get Wat She Wants". The band signed with A&M records for their hit single "Shes Gonna Get Wat She Wants". By now the date is 1975 and Black Ice is performing major tours around the country. Black Ice has had 10 top hits. Although Black Ice was born in the 70's they continue today touring around the country.
All of the band members stay together in G-Cat's Mansion so that there is a lot of bonding with each other. In the mansion is where the band writes their top hit songs and also record them. Living together as a family benifits the band in so many ways. The band has a rule about comments on new ideas for songs. The rule is no hurtful comments on the new ideas for songs, this prevents a lot of fights from breaking up and and no fights mean no real chance of this great band breaking up.
The band members all have talents like a lot of popular artists. Bruce Paige has the guitar skills of Jimmy Paige and the vocals of Bruce Springsteen. G-cat is Slashes cousin. They have the same face and the same rockin skills. G-Cat stared in alot of Rock movies as a Slash look a like. The only difference between the two cousins is G-Cat was smart enough to join Black Ice. Chaz Micheal Micheals is Will Ferrel in another life. Instead of being an awesome actor Chaz has amazing drumming skills.

"Black Ice has gotta be top 5 rock bands in the world, I can't get enough of their songs!"

Fans from New York
chaz.JPGChaz Michael Michaels

Black Ice has had 20 top hit songs and has more than 1 billon fans. Some of the top songs are "She's Gonna Get Wat She Wants", "Step Off", and "Nuthin Goin On". Black Ice members involves G-Cat, Bruce Paige, and Chaz Michael Michaels. G-Cat grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts and began playing music at the age of 5. This was the age when he composed his first guitar solo. G-Cat was a very smart student but ran away from home at the age of 14 to escape school and start making music. Bruce Paige grew up in Rye, New York and started writing music at the age of 16. He was influenced by The British Invasion but then developed a greater passion for hard metal. Paige ran away from home with the band at about age 17. Chaz was born and raised in Greenwich, Conneticut and escaped home at the age of 10. He had a bad relationship with his parents and loved playing the drums so he decided music was his future. All band members met through other musicians and once heard everyones sound, they thought it would be a great fit so they ran away together and in the future became an amazing rock band.

dude.JPGBruce Paige aka "THE MAN" jamming out on a guitar solo

cat_g.JPGG-Cat after his solo in "Shes Gonna Get What She Wants"

Fans of Califournia

“She’s Gonna Get Wat She Wants”
Black Ice

Gunna get what she wants…….. (Fade)

Doesn’t know what she seeks………..(fade)
(Guitar chords)

Guitar continues… heavy drums join


I was 12 years old (hehe)
Doing some math hw
Shes gonna find the answer!!!!!!
Shes gonna get what she wants,
Gonna get what she wants, get what she seeks
Gonna climb the mountain, sail the seas repeat 3x
Till she gets what she seeks yeah!!!!
(Guitar solo)

Sitting at the table all confused
Don’t know the answer feeling all used
Gunna fail the next quiz with mizz
Is it zero or radical 2
All confused, I copy off of u
Gonna get what she wants, get what she seeks
Gonna climb the mountain, sail the seas repeat 3x
Till she gets what she seeks yeah!!!!
Drum solo 30 s
Long hard G-Cat guitar solo 2 1/2 minutes
Gonna get what she wants, get what she seeks
Gonna climb the mountain, sail the seas repeat 3x
Till she gets what she seeks yeah!!!!
Drum solo 1 minute
Gonna get what she wants…….. (Fade)

Doesn’t know what she seeks………..(fade)

Shes Gonna Get Wat She Wants

This song was written in 1974 by genius songwriter and guitarist, Bruce Paige. Paige got this idea as a 12 year back to his days at his friends house where his friends mom tutared him in Math. As Paige was finishing up a problem that was not completly understood by his tutar or himself, his tutar went to go check the problem out in the text book. Paige was a musician in the making and him and his friend's brother started making up lyrics to a future top hit song. The lyrics "she gonna get what she wants gonna get what she seeks" is referring to his tutar finding the answer out in the text book. This song was taken in the 70's as an influential song to all ages of music lovers because of the lyrics that made sense and the long rockin' solos. This song was also used as a pump songs in many sports events, mostly hockey because most people thought the loud music described how the hard hitting action was played. Not only did this song stay as a top hit for 6 years but it also lead to musics multi-billon dollar industry. People who used to never take part in music bought stocks due to the large amounts of money this song made because of the popularity. Shes Gonna Get Wat She Wants wasn't very popular and mad a lot of money but it was popular for a long time, making music investors more and more succsessful. This song wasn't just a great rock song to enjoy but made a ton of money and influenced all sorts of people to listen more to rock n' roll.

"This is the most influential band, way more than The Beatles."
Johnny Bob, "New York Times"

Black Ice was thought of to be an AC/DC or Led Zeppelin like band with the long solos, crazy attitudes and awesome music. The pictures that were used, were off of and were changed and developed with Paint. All of the ideas of the band members were thought of people who we thought are awesome musicians or like Chaz Michael Michaels or aka Will Farrell people that Nolan and I think is a funny celebrity who would be an amazing drummer.
Some of the websites used for more knowledge on the 70's were and Black Ice would be the greatest rock band on earth and would provide so much benefit on the musical community.


"Fans from Austrailia during the Black Ice Tour in Sydney