Launch your own SlideRocket presentation!

Directions - After you have watched the slide presentation highlighting some popular music in the 1990s you are to find information about a female rocker in the 1990s who topped the charts. Using the discussion tab of this page write an extended response about your assigned women rocker of the 1990s.

Be sure to include the following information about your rocker:

Who is she?
Where is she from?

What are her popular hits/albums?
Does she play any instruments?
Does she write her own music?
Did any of her albums break any records in sales or weeks on the top of the charts?
What themes are addressed in her music?
Is she still putting out hits today?
How did she influence the music scene of the 90s?

Remember to check out the artists' websites to find out about them. You can also check out

Rolling Stones Magazine
MTV and AOL Music offer biographies on all artists at and

Articles about Women Rockers