Who are the 25 Most Influential Rockers of All Time?
Directions - In the discussion tab of this Wiki page, you are to brainstorm your list of 25 influential rockers and write a short description why you choose each rocker. We will read through everyone's list and have a wiki debate to compile a clas list of the 25 most influential rockers. Later on, each student will choose of the the 25 Influential Rockers and create a Glog about the Rocker.

2011 Rock Write & ListenList of 25 Most Influential Rockers (In no particular order)
Elvis Presley
Little Richard
Grateful Dead
The Who
The Beatles
Janis Joplin
Jimi Hendrix
Ray Charles
The Rolling Stones
The Beatles
Bob Marley
Pink Floyd
Bob Dylan
Led Zeppelin
Stevie Wonder
Joan Jett
Michael Jackson
Guns n Roses
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift

Elton John

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Glogster Rubric

Rocker Information
Comprehensive and accurate information about rock artist biography, musical highlights and influencing factors.
Information is accurate, descriptive, and informative one element lacks information or details.
Information adequate but more description is needed for two required elements.
Information incomplete or inaccurate.
Works Cited
Thorough list of resources includes a detailed variety of texts.
List of resources is adequate.
Work cited is incomplete or incorrect.
No works cited list presented on Glog.
Images & Pictures
Images and pictures convey personality and details of career.Pictures are selected through creative commons and do not infringe copyright restrictions.
Images and pictures covey additional career info.Most pictures selected through creative commons and respect copyright restrictions.
Few pictures or images throughout project.Student cut and pasted any picture could find. Images were taken from random Google search.
Lacks images and pictures.
Ideas presented in engaging, polished, clear, thorough manner.
Ideas presented in a clear manner. Effectively conveys content.
Ideas are direct and usually clear.
Ideas lack clarity and detail.
Grammar, Usage, & Mechanics
No errors in spelling, punctuation, or capitalization.
Few errors in spelling, punctuation, or capitalization.
Some errors in spelling, punctuation, or capitalization.
Many errors distract audience.
Craftsmanship & Layout
Original and unique craftsmanship of final product.
Creative craftsmanship of final product.
Direct and clear project; lacks creative flare.
Limited clarity and thought; unsophisticated final product.
Use of Class Time
Student worked diligently to complete project during class time.
Student worked independently and efficiently to complete project during class time.
Student needed constant reminders to stay on task and or complete assignment.
Student did not complete project during class time but at home. Student needed daily reminders to stay on task.

Extra-CreditVideo & Audio
Effectively and innovatively conveys information about career with interview.
Details convey further information about career with interview.
Interview written in Question & Answer format features some career info.
Interview lacking or missing relevant information about specific career.