the_beatles_logo_490w.jpgThe Beatles started as an english Rock and Pop band, in Liverpool in 1960.They became one of the most succesful historic bands in popular music.The group was made up of Jonh Lennon the rythm guitarist,Paul McCartney the bass guitarist, George Harrison the lead guitarest and Ringo Starr the drummer. They were also vocalists.There initial musicaly genre was rooted in 1950's Rock and Roll and the group tried to work with different musical styles. Their clothes in style made them trend-setters with the growing social soicety.When the group came back from Hamburg, Germany the group appointed the manger Brian Epstein. He negotiated record contract with EMI's George Martin. Brian manged The Beatles until 1967 because this was the year that Brian Epstein died. Martin produced many if not all of the beatles studio albums. The single "Love Me Do" achieved the number one spot in the UK charts in the late 1962. In 1963 the band got their name invented,Beatlemania. This name came from the record "I Want To Hold Your Hand." This record was their fourth British # 1 record in one year. With this name the Beatles they played at Palladium, the Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Variety Show, sing moonlight blue with Morecombe and Wise. While the Beatles were touring in Paris, the record "I Want to Hold Your Hand," goes # 1 in America. In their concerts they never played more than half an hour. The Beatles were the first band ever to play at a baseball stadium, they played at Shea Stadium in New York. When playing at Shea they broke records for crowd fever, numbers, and good cheer.The Beatles had the privilage to recieve medals from the queen of England at Buckingham Palace.Wherever the Beatles went Beatlemania followed shortly behind. In 1965 their music was taking over most of the world. When they played in big stadiums, the crowd would scream very loud that they couldn't even hear their music! In 1966 they continued making great songs with George Martin, that would stay forever fresh and set the standards higher and harder for bands to become as big as the Beatles.The Beatles go into the studio and performed on the screen(the television) in unreal and glorious color. The Beatles were unafraid of growing throughout the world and had much devotion to their group. Apple Corps was the Beatle's record company. They went to the foothills of the Himalays to learn medation. In between their medation sessions they wrote songs for their album The "White" Album. When recording started the songs were written with such pefection that they had thirty songs in this one album. They wrote their songs about their strengths in life. New songs were written to suit the band and sometimes for themselves. Some people would say that when John married Ono Yoko and Paul married Linda is what started the group's decline. George started to mature over his years and began transforming into a very spritual person. A majority people might say that the band really started to decline when their manger Brian Epstein had passed away from a drug overdose. Eventually, the Beatles split up because they all wanted to go their own ways in life and be with the people they love most. Just like that the Beatles were over. :(
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