"Billy Joel." Real name, William Martin, A.K.A: excellent musician! His birthday is on May 9, coming up soon! Going to celebrate this exciting day of the birth of the most amazing musician on the planet! Billy Joel is a 5 time Grammy Award winner and a 23 time Grammy nominee! He was inducted into the Songwriters' Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, AND the Long Island Hall of Fame, not a surprise!! ALSO on February 15, 1979: “Just the Way You Are” won the Grammies for Record of the Year and Song of the Year! This astounding man plays vocals, piano, keyboard, guitar, harmonica, and accordian! If THAT'S not fant(astic)-amazing, I don't know what is! Billy Joel is my inspiration. He is the most talented person anyone could ever hear! I espicially favor the song, "Just the Way You Are" it has a very mellow and creative feel that i enjoy listening to because it tells you that you shouldn't be anyone but yourself and I think that's very inspiring. He is also an amazing piano player! April 6, 1974: Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” enters the ‘Billboard’ singles chart. It is the first in a string of Top Forty hits that numbers 33, to date. Billy Joel is a very generous person and is selling his 60,000 dollar autographed piano and is giving all the procedes to a needy music school in harlem. All of the students there practice music 3 hours a day but lately lack of revenue has prevented them from attending those practice and keeping up their school. I have every CD album Billy Joel has ever created! Billy Joel's wife, Katie Lee Joel, is a very lucky woman to be married to the best musician of all time!! Billy Joel is an inspiration to everyone who has ever heard of him and who wants to become a succesful musician like himself.
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Top Ten Billy Joel songs:
The Ballad Of Billy The Kid
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
Stop In Nevada
Just The Way You Are: A.K.A BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Movin' Out ( Anthony's Song )
New York State Of Mind
Piano Man
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